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Journal of a Girl escaping reality
a food for thought anyone??
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15th-Jul-2012 08:08 pm - hectic, exams are 100% hectic
So last week I was very fucking busy, teachers trying to drill all the lessons for this week's preliminary exams, getting a violation slip for not bring my registration form for i.d picture day, Physical Education's aerobics thing, extra make-up classes for 1 subject yesterday! Which means it was Saturday which means it was a freaking weekend!!

Grrrr!! Raf raf raf raf raf!!! *snarls* 

In addition to those I haven't gotten the time for studying nor continuing fanfics, no surprise on the fanfic thing cause I don't usually do those anymore. But still!!

So my very first KHR fanfic about 8027 is postponed, I'd write 1827 but I'm afraid of the consequence of it being deleted because of the wrong rating thing going on. seriously fanfiction.net should put the rating MA on since others especially the crazies love reading/writing the lemons. rape, yaoi, and etc. 

So my KHR x Enzai crossover is on a dead end until the threat of it being deleted is still fresh. I don't want to out it here cause I don't work well with other story publishing sites. My LJ account is for update news and also stress reliever when I just wanna go crazy.

2nd-Jul-2012 10:22 am - update on my new vk story
Ok! So After months of prolonged hibernation I finally found the guts to post a new story called "Up to the greatest extent"!

Full details:

Section: Vampire Knight
Pairing: Kaname x Zero
Rating: T

So please read and review it!! Arigatou Gozaimasu!
Okay, Since this is a journal I guess it means I can post random/specific thoughts rights?

So here I am posting how fanfiction.net has gone completely AWOL! (I don't know the correct spelling of that word so deal with it)

First, they put up an image manager where you could do some cover thingys on your stories personally I don't have a prob with it but! It seriously making my eyes hurt! Its irritating, I mean whats the significance of that thing? To make you feel like an author?? Wow thanks alot *rolls eyes*

Second, The new detailing, I mean why do you have to put the summary in the detailing when one is already viewing the story? And its already taking 1/5 of the page instead of the original's 3/4 space hogging thing

Last, the Order of stories! I mean why did they have to change it from alphabetical order to popularity ranking! I mean it's just confusing Luckily for me some of my favorite anime are at the top, but what happens when I find a new one do I have to scale the whole page just for that? Don't you guys think the alphabetical order is better??

Cause you already know where to find it, but with popularity order you have to scale it all the way. So far from what I see is the purpose of this popularity ranking thing is to motivate authors in adding more stories on that certain series. Though they mean well Its a thumbs down for me. 

So I guess you could see something of a pattern in my posts, I'm a complainer, and proud of it. It shows that I fight for what I believe in, in an annoying bitchy way so sue me if you don't want me bitching

Well I just wanted to share my thoughts. Oh and I'm currently in the process of typing my first ever 8027/khr fanfic! Hooray! But as I said I'm a lazy author so don't expect it to be out by this month or the next it depends on my mood, 

A complainer and a lazy author to boot, I'm the package deal Bitches!! XD

And as you've seen I'm a cusser, yey! *rolls eyes again*
4th-Jun-2012 11:43 pm - Lol
Ok, So remember from my last post that the pairing I'm not so sure to write about is 8027, but suddenly I found hands reaching for a red colored pen and an orange colored notebook after I saw a picture of Yama-chan staring at our little tuna fish  as he was eating his burger :3 

That left me saying 'D awwwwwww!' >3 and then a certain scene suddenly started forming in the recess of my fangirl brain and I finally came up with a story that is worth posting. I already have an OC! (as I have mentioned before I really can't make fanfics that aren't crossovered or not having an OC its the way I write sorry) 

So my only problem now is how the hell am I gonna end this!! I'm already at the ending and I actually for once want a fluffy ending here cause maybe these 2 deserve it. *gives top fluff medals to Yama-chan and Tsuna-chan* 

So far the fic is a oneshot, I'm not really sure if it gets continued so just wait if I ever get the inspiration to continue it!

And by now the story is 4 pages long back to back -_- gah I still have to fucking type it on my laptop! Such a drag. But I being a dedicated yaoi fangirl must do it! For my obsession!! 

The fic will either be completed by this week and published next week or completed next week and published next month... 

Either way I hope you guys will enjoy it once I start posting it! 

For now! I'm taking a break Gupyah!!
What's the highest amount of real money you've ever spent to obtain something in your favorite online game (new armor, better weapons, special powers, etc)? What makes the game worthy of spending your hard-earned cash on it?
3rd-Jun-2012 08:31 pm(no subject)
Ok, So you guys remember me writing in my info entry that I just recently have been addicted with the Katekyo Hitman Reborn section of the yaoi world. 


I've been really itching to make a crossover for 3 main stories with 3 main pairings!! 

1st is KHR x Enzai!

I know I know, Enzai is a grueling game of blood, gore, mysteries and most especially rape ;D

So KHR with it?! Oh My Gosh! FTW!

Summary: His smile reaches everyone's hearts, but why does he smile all the time? And most of all how is it possible for somebody to be as Dame as that?! 

Main Pairing: 1827!! Yey!!


2nd is KHR x Ouran High School Host Club

So everyone must be wondering how the hell is she gonna pull this off?! My answer is I don't even know myself! All I know is my fingers are itching to type something along this Crossover! Blame the youtube video entitled 'Reborn Host Club' Its the reason for this thing!! 

Summary: None at the moment all my summaries are on the spot! When I publish a story I just type whatever title I can think of .~_~.

Main Pairing: I'm still torn between 6927(69 being presented by Mukuro Rokudo) and 1827! if you watch the video you'll understand why I'm so confused with whom I'm gonna do for the main pairing. All I'm sure is Tsunayoshi Sawada is the main uke XD 


3rd is actually being debated now


            a. I couldn't find the inspiration/anime I could pair up with this particular pairing for they still actually baffle me a little bit. (I couldn't write a fanfic that doesn't have an OC/crossover okay?!)

            b. As I have explained with my first journal entry I just recently have opened my mind with this pairing so I'm not really confident with writing them.

            c. Okay, so you might have already guessed who the pairing should be. For those who haven't I'll write it down below -_-'l|. So All of you are now probably itching on asking why the hell am I even considering this?! Well, the reason is my fingers are absolutely leading their way to my keyboard. I swear they have a mind of their own. Plus my brain is already brain storming of ideas for the pairing for this 3rd fic. 

Main Pairing: 8027! 


So for all of you as I have stated in my first journal entry I don't really have time for publishing fanfics because of University -_-'l| BUT! I might write these down on a notebook or something so I'll type them later on. 

Just need your opinions! Cause as you see the idea for these stories are still incomplete so Yeah! Comments will be greatly appreciated! Flames will be eaten by Natsu Dragneel or Frozen by Tsuna's Zero Point break through!! ^_^
2nd-Jun-2012 08:33 pm - About me??
Hi, So since you're reading this; I guess you might want to know a little about me. 

Let's start with the basics? (God i feel like a damn teacher -_-'l|)

Name: Mesuinu-No-Uta (Bitches' Song)

Age: 17 year's old, 1 more digit and i will finally be able to escape the clutches of PedoBear! Weeee!!

Country: Philippines ;)

Hobbies: playing computer games, reading on ff.net, and trying to draw a decent pic to post in deviantart

Educational status: I will be entering as a college freshman in the Lyceum of the Philippines University

Course: Tourism, but i prefer languages though. I might find another Uni that supports that course

Languages: Filipino, English, Basic Spanish, A little to none Japanese

So onto more private questions!

a.) Why did you join LJ?

         I joined here to find yaoi doujinshi's of my favorite anime yaoi pairings

b.) How/When did you start to feel the vibe, the vision, the tingle of your inner yaoi fangirlism?

         I started to feel it when I was browsing some Yugi-Oh pics, I accidentally stumbled upon an innocent pic of seto kaiba and katsuya jonouchi.  So from then on you could say the pics of those increased my curiosity and i began to search for more *ehem* censored worthy pics. -_-'l| So i guess i started my fanigirlism 5 years ago. 

c.) History of fangirlism aside, Give us your 1. 1st ever yaoi couple 2. the yaoi couple you know you will never abandon 3. your current obssession 4. anime that gave you the most couple 5. most detested anime 

1. My first ever true yaoi couple would be Tezuka Kunimitsu and Fuji Syuusuke from Prince of Tennis. The Yugi-Oh pics incident that brought me in the yaoi world do not count, cause they just contain Seto and Joey being besties with each other XD

2. I will forever be a Kaname Kuran X Zero Kiryuu shipper, the stories my fellow yaoi fangirls do are most entertaining and very well be in the storyline. Leading me to find a deeper *ehem* connection between the two smexy bastards >:3

3. I'm currently obsessed with the 1827 pairing of Kyouya Hibari and Tsunayoshi Sawada! I mean I know I haven't watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn for so much and I'm only obsessed with the future arc cause that really showed their true strengths and potentials and most importantly it gave more 1827 screen time :D

4. The anime that gave me the most yaoi couple. I would like to say khr, Don't get me wrong Vampire Knight gave me so much yaoi couples like kainxaido, senrixtakuma and ichiruxzero. But why khr you ask? Its the only anime that made me spazz with other ukes. I mean i got to combine so many people, I love 8059, but because of one authoress in the 1827 community I suddenly opened my mind with 8027! 80 being represented by Yamamoto Takeshi!

Once more in the 8027 community another authoress prowess lead me to accept the idea of shipping reborn and fon! I mean their hot! Don't get me wrong just because i find master fon as an uke to reborn doesn't mean i change my view on hibari just cause they look alike. Hibari will forever be a seme! So 8018, 6918 and most importantly D18 shippers we got nothing to talk about! I don't hate on those communities but every time I imagine hibari screaming underneath someone i get the willies -_-'l|

5. Whoa! Last question? Well I don't detest it, but I being a dedicated yaoi fangirl would always try to find a yaoi couple in every anime I find. But one anime has left me baffled. Its ToraDora!! Oh my God, I swear its either some people are lazy to make a fanfic of Kitamuru Yusaku and Ryuuji Takasu kissing or the toradora author/authoress is too powerful in manipulating the characters preventing the fanigirls to find chemistry with some guys there T_T

Either way I think its the latter!! *cries* 

Last Minute questions. 

This isn't over yet?? Okay shoot!

d.) Since your a fangirl, Is it possible that you are also one of those lunatics *ehem* i mean girls that make stories in websites and the like?

          Well yeah. I also do those, 'I'm currently one of the million authoress' in the fanfiction.net community! If i had the prowess of the talent called drawing I would also be drawing them kissing and censored things :D

e.) Any future fanfics we are supposed to be watched out for?

           For now I'll be focusing on Uni, I'll try to update some oneshots frequently. My Facts & World of Nekos, Vampires, & Fighters are postponed for lack of imagination and the like.

f.) Where could we contact you incase you're not online in LJ? 

           You can contact me on my deviantart, fanfiction, wlo (wonderland online) accs:

            1. Deviantart = Kishuina
            2. Fanfiction = Vampiie the loner chick
            3. Wonderland = Kiririna 

Thanks for reading this incredibly and equally long journal entry!!
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